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EWOT Energy Plus Gym Systems

EWOT Energy Plus adds a “contrast training” element to the EWOT Protocol, facilitating rapid post workout recovery, deep tissue detoxification, enhanced VO2Max development, increased weight lifting capacity, increased calorie burn, and improved mental acuity. Anyone interested in improving their performance, energy levels, lifting ability, weight loss, mental acuity and feelings of well-being can benefit from the EWOT Energy Plus protocol by EWOT Australia.

EWOT Energy Plus Gym Systems:

Designed with the Commercial Gym in mind, the EWOT Energy Plus Gym Systems can become an integral part of your overall fitness business. This system is based on the EWOT Energy Plus system that has the contrast between high altitude and high oxygen levels to enhance the results you are already getting with your clients.

Product Description:

EWOT Energy Plus Gym Systems come in three basic sizes, Small Gym, Medium Gym and Large Gym, however, we are more than happy to quote on any combination that suits your own commercial application!.

Small Gym EWOT Energy Plus System: 1 x double sized Energy Plus bag with 3 work stations, 6 masks, 4 x 9L oxygen concentrators and installation on your site.

Medium Gym EWOT Energy Plus System: 4 x EWOT Energy Plus bags, 6 work stations, 15 x 9L/min oxygen concentrators, 12 masks and installation on your site.

Large Gym EWOT Energy Plus System: 8 x EWOT Energy Plus bags, 12 work stations, 40 x 9L/min oxygen concentrators, 24 masks and installation on your site.

EWOT Australia Gym Systems are capable of running clients all day. Sell each client their own mask and allow them to use the oxygen in between sets. Or, run the system as the perfect addition to your other products (personal training, nutritional supplements, weight loss programs, boot camps, and EWOT).

When you purchase a Gym System, EWOT Australia will assist you with installation for a modest fee that is fully included in your purchase. Having our professionals do the install for you ensures proper safety procedures, correct set up, and uninterrupted operation of your EWOT facility.

The Benefits of Adding an EWOT Energy Plus Gym Systems to your Business:

First and foremost, your clients will get extra fast and better results. Whatever protocols you use to whip your members into shape, the EWOT Energy Plus system will enhance it, add to it, and accelerate it. You will look like a God in the eyes of your members as they burn more calories, recover fast, lift more, and improve their fitness with less perceived effort.

Secondly there is a substantial financial reason to add EWOT Energy Plus into your arsenal! EWOT sessions (15 – 20 minutes in length) can be charged out for as much as $75. EWOT Energy Plus PT Studio System users often bundle the sessions into pack to reduce the cost for their clients, so session prices range from $40 up to $75. Of course, you can charge whatever you choose! How much more would you make per week if 80% of your clients did a $40 EWOT session 2 or 3 times a week?

Lastly, it is totally free to become an Affiliate of EWOT Australia. If you recommend to any of your clients, or fellow PT’s, or even friends and family, to purchase any of EWOT Australia’s systems you can earn up to 8% commission on each sale! Contact us for more information.

Product Pricing:

Small Gym EWOT Energy Plus System – $24,750.00 (incl GST and installation)

Medium Gym EWOT Energy Plus System – $74,173.00 (incl GST and installation)

Large Gym EWOT Energy Plus System – $175,626.00 (incl GST and installation)

The basic layouts above are offered through our checkout. However, you can always contact us for more information, a specialized quote for your situation, ideas for maximizing space (for example, we often build a false wall with the concentrators and bags hidden from view, for safety and aesthetics!), and securing a discount on orders of two EWOT Energy Plus Gym Systems or more!


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