Oxygen concentrators are machines that take in the air from the surroundings, and concentrates the oxygen from the air.  Since air consists of about eighty percent nitrogen and about twenty percent oxygen, O2 concentrators operate by removing the nitrogen from the air, just leaving the oxygen.  They make use of a substance called Zeolite to absorb the nitrogen.  At high pressure, the zeolite can absorb large amounts of nitrogen, due to the large and porous surface area.  Oxygen concentrators are therefore essentially nitrogen scrubbers, allowing oxygen and the other atmospheric gasses to pass through, leaving oxygen as the major gas remaining.  The oxygen, that is now ninety five percent pure, will then be supplied to the large reservoir bag in the EWOT Asutralia system.

As soon as the oxygen, and the other free components, are collected in the reservoir bag the pressure drops, enabling the nitrogen to dissipate. With EWOT Energy Plus, some of this “de-oxygenated” air is held in a smaller reservoir to be used in the “contrast training” element of the EWOT Australia protocol.

Generally speaking, oxygen concentrators are widely-used in water treatment, pharmaceutical production and also as a source of pure oxygen in medical applications. Oxygen concentrators are devices that also supply oxygen to people at substantially higher concentrations than the typical oxygen level obtainable in the ambient air. This means that they may also be used to raise the amount of oxygen in the bloodstream, which can then be converted into energy. Individuals who have inadequate blood circulation and regularly run out of breath may also reap the benefits of supplemental oxygen therapy. EWOT also utilizes the oxygen concentrator to supply high oxygen and low oxygen contrasts to athletes and people looking tom improve their well-being.

There a wide range of models on the market, including the EWOT Australia Oxygen Concentrator. For the application of EWOT and successful and meaningful Exercise With Oxygen Therapy, the oxygen concentrator must meet specific output standards. Lesser EWOT systems only deliver a very small amount of oxygen that is not enough to make as great an impact as the EWOT Australia system. Some don’t use a suitable system to deliver the oxygen, such as the nasal cannulas or the headset style delivery systems, where the oxygen simply dissipates into the atmosphere. For athletes and people who are serious about getting the full benefits of EWOT, a mask especially designed with the two way valve systems for high volumes of oxygen exchange, are absolutely essential.

Oxygen Concentrators are considered safe mediums for oxygen production, reducing much of the fire risk of medical oxygen bottles. They are relatively cheap and can be used in the home, gym or clinic setting. EWOT Australia provides full instructions for the use of their systems and professionals who choose to employ EWOT in their gym or clinic can also avail themselves of additional training in protocols delivery and variations.